In order to trade profitably we need a market reaction and then to accurately react to this.

The markets react to news, tweets and other markets movements, and these are our opportunities as traders.

For instance, when the news is released BetterTrader’s algorithms calculate its magnitude of surprise with statistical models. Then it interprets if this release is a bit stronger or Much stronger etc – we don’t react to news that we can’t classify as a good opportunity.

What can we do with this information? How do we then know which markets should be traded? Is the news triggering a leader or follower market?

Amazingly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do this for you. Artificial intelligence collects, analysis and then interprets all the relevant data needed, in order to produce for you a Trade Idea

Let’s demonstrate this with an example:

Say “‘Unemployment in the US” data is much weaker than expected, good to know but how should we react to it, is the opportunity better in the GOLD, EURUSD or in the S&P500

The algo computes “in 10 similar situations to this, 8/9 the S&P500 went up following similar releases.

Great so we have nicely presented statistics…. but how do we manage the trade? When to enter, when to take profit, when to quit if it all goes wrong?

Luckily the algo saves the day again. It computes “When the market went up (8 times) it went up to at least X amount? What is the lowest price point before I should quit, historically speaking.

It then discovers this information and sets your profit and stop loss targets for the Trade Idea.

So now we are ready to trade, just trust us and our algorithms…

BUT you don’t NEED to trust us and we understand the skepticism. The BackTester is a tool that allows you to investigate and delve deeper into how our trade ideas are generated.

Want to see all the information for yourself, view the historical charts and build a broader picture of how the market reacts?

We understand that the professionals in trading, can’t take anyone’s word without seeing the evidence for themselves, that is why the BackTester gives you the opportunity to investigate the market reactions and put them to scrutiny.

The trade ideas give the small snippet of the market, the BackTester shows the big picture.

Professional traders need to see the big picture in order to truly understand markets and improve their market intuitions, with the BackTester it all becomes possible with 1 single click.

You can also learn how to use the BackTester in our upcoming webinar.

We hope you find the articles on the site helpful. A good place to start reading, if you haven’t already is:

Written by: Jay Adward

We believe that traders need an edge that can only be gained by statistical analysis.

The way we accomplish that is by running statistical models in real-time and helping you to make the right decisions in real-time.

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