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Getting started with the markets

Are you interested in learning about the financial markets or trading? Learning about the markets is the first step for anyone interested getting started trading, or anyone who just wants to be more informed about the world around them.

So let’s start at the beginning. To learn the basics of the financial markets, including what they are, what they trade, and the effects they have, check out our series on learning about the markets. Even if you’re not interested in learning to trade, learning about the markets will help you feel more confident talking about them.

Learn about the financial markets

If you know about the markets, and you know trading is for you, our jumping into trading series will help you out. We cover choosing a market to trade, finding a broker, and the 101 of ordering your first trade.

Jump into trading the financial markets

If you’ve gotten set up with your broker and made a trade or two, but now you’re ready to develop your own strategy, consider the basic market strategy series.

Develop basic trading strategy


These article series are a work in progress. Please check back soon for more articles! -The team at

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