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6 best podcasts for active traders

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Whether you are a new trader or an expert, one of the best ways to enhance your knowledge in the field is by listening to informative financial podcasts. 

Below is a list of six renowned podcasts that focus on expanding an active trader’s insight and potential.

Macro Voices


Macro Voices is a great informative source for sophisticated traders. Hedge fund manager Erik Townsend welcomes guests and provides descriptive explanations of current global events and their potential impact on the market. He also looks to provide investors with a comprehensive understanding of several key financial concepts.

Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer


CNBC anchor, author and former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer offers speculation on specific industries, publicly listed companies and more, while providing the listener with relevant news and stock pitches. The podcast features many high profile guests and is the audio of the show with the same title on CNBC, which is one of the most watched and listened to financial programs in the world.

The Investing for Beginners Podcast


Just as the name indicates, this weekly podcast targets new and inexperienced traders. David Ahern and Andrew Sather look to guide young investors with trading advice and in-depth explanations of financial terminology to help eliminate the listener’s confusion of the ever so complex trading world.

Wall Street Unplugged

Frank Curizo, an expert small cap analyst and founder of CurizoResearch.com, discusses relevant economic news and the potential impact on different market sectors in one of the most listened to financial/business podcasts on iTunes over the last decade. He also interviews well known investors, economists, CEOs and more to help provide listeners with an informed understanding of world events and the future direction of certain industries so they can capitalize on their investments. 

Motley Fool Money


A panel of investment analysts discuss current events’ potential market impact, offer informed opinions on specific stocks, and interview industry experts and authors. Chris Hill hosts the show and new episodes are released on Fridays. 

Fast Money


Another audio version of a CNBC show, Fast Money is recorded every weekday after the markets close and offers insight on the session and speculation about the next trading day. Melissa Lee hosts the show and is joined by several trading experts to provide the viewer with information to capitalize on their trades going forward. 

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