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BetterTrader Launches Free Version

BetterTrader Launches Free Version - BetterTrader.co | economic events

BetterTrader is launching a free version of its revolutionary app that helps day traders take control of the markets during economic events. Using its advanced algorithms and statistical backtesting, BetterTrader analyzes the effects of every significant economic event, and boils it down to simple, actionable information that is available immediately after the event.

This analysis is extremely valuable to traders, who receive accurate indicators for how specific assets will move after the release. The app includes a comprehensive calendar of events across the globe, and an option to create customized notifications for the events you are interested in.

With the free version, you will be able to track all these events, as well as set up notifications by either email or mobile. You will have access to all the historical data and analysis of the potential market reaction for event releases. The free version also includes the option to compile and manage a watch list with commodities, fx, indices, and bonds, and get real-time insights as the events are unfolding.

BetterTrader is used with great results by traders of all experience levels. Whether you are just starting out or you have been trading for many years, or even if you don’t trade but are interested in the market, you should definitely give BetterTrader a try!

BetterTrader is available on the Itunes App Store and Google Play.

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