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Where can I get live access to economic events happening all over the world?

Having live access and following economic events is one of the best ways to be successful in the market. Using live economic news to analyze the movement of certain FX pair or the market altogether is crucial for traders. It’s also important to stay tuned with economic events because even if you’re not actively trading these events, it’s essential to be aware of significant releases in order to avoid surprises and sudden volatility. Economic news is split into two kinds with unscheduled news and scheduled news.

1.Scheduled news:

  • Scheduled news represents events that occur on a schedule like the unemployment rate and the Consumer Price Index. The dates of these releases are concrete and we can prepare a scheduled news release beforehand by researching and analyzing the possible outcomes of the event release.
  • Having a real-time economic calendar can be crucial, Bettertrader provides a live economic calendar that shows you and reports to you the results of certain economic event releases.
  • Due to the predictable nature of scheduled news, these events are much more tradable than unscheduled events. It’s important to take advantage of these opportunities as they are more stable.
  • Here are some of the best solutions for keeping up with scheduled news
    • Bettertrader: statistically backtested trade-ideas based on real-time events on the economic calendar.


  1. Provides in-depth analysis
  2. An AI-based backtesting system
  3. A voice assistant that announces the event releases
  4. no advertising inside the interface.


  1. Excludes some basic releases
  2. Trade-ideas and analysis cost at least $10 per month
  3. You need to download the app and sign up to use the interface.

Forex Factory:

Provides a forum for experienced Forex traders to interact and provide opinions to each other. It also provides upcoming economic events and connects traders with the market.

  1. Pros:
    1. A way for beginners to learn expert opinions
    2. Provides real-time news and has live currency prices
  2. Cons:
    1. There are advertisements on the website
    2. It’s a more old-fashioned website

Daily FX:

Provides market analysis, indicators, news and charts for FX traders. It recently renovated its site and it is a great website for FX news.

  1. Pros:
    1. Newly renovated website
    2. Provides market sentiments for currencies and discusses strategy and investment picks.
    3. Has a free webinar that discusses upcoming events
  2. Cons:
    1. It’s owned by IG brokerage, so it potentially has a bias.
    2. Advertisements

2.Unscheduled news:

  • Unscheduled news describes unpredictable and sporadic news releases that can potentially have a huge effect on the market. For example, a tweet from Donald Trump threatening Iran following the US-Iranian meeting can have a significant impact on oil import prices. Sudden announcements of potential tariffs can also drop stock and currencies prices of the relevant country.
  • Big news websites respond almost immediately to economic news releases and provide relatively unbiased analysis in response. Some of the biggest finance/economic websites are Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal. They provide live news for different regions and you can specify the region you want to be informed about.
  • You can select specific tabs on these websites to zoom in on certain sectors of the market or certain aspects of the business. For example, if you wanted to learn about the newest startups today, you would click on Tech and read about the newest technology on the market today. Economic events don’t necessarily involve the market or trading. Anything pertaining to the movement of money and financial direction of the world can be classified as economic news.
  • Depending on what you trade, reading and following the suggestions of experienced analysts can save you an abundance of time by picking out potentially attractive stocks or currencies for you. Websites like Seeking Alpha allow many experienced traders to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. Many of them manage hedge funds and mutual funds, making it their job to do various types of research on potential target companies and currencies. Following their research and reasoning can often improve your own research abilities and lead to better trading in the future.

WSJ, Bloomberg and Seeking Alpha


  1. Fast and simple to use
  2. Seeking Alpha is free with good analyst opinions and many useful functions like financial information and charts.
  3. Bloomberg and WSJ cater to specific regions so you can focus on news from a certain region


  1. Bloomberg and WSJ require subscriptions and the other websites have ads.

Following news and economic events live are essential to a trader’s success in the market. It is like preparing for a boxing fight. However, it is the knockout blow that matters most, and that is the execution in the market. Finding the right time and opportunity to buy and sell is above all else. As a result, be prepared for scheduled news and unscheduled news doesn’t necessarily promise profit, but it definitely helps to give yourself an advantage in the market.

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