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Community Question: Where can I get real-time stock charts with 5-10 second resolution?

Answered by Jay Adward, Analyst

I’ve looked around, and I can’t find any easy-to-use stock charts with 5-10 second interval. However, you don’t need tick charts with this interval to be a successful day trader. In fact, tick charts of this sort are used mostly for high-frequency trading. Humans can’t keep up trading in these ultra-small timeframes when competing with computers. Even though 5-10 second resolution isn’t needed, here are some useful, easy-to-read, and interactive charts for you!

Yahoo Finance

I find Yahoo finance to be one of the most helpful tools for not only charts in real time, but also useful financial information. This includes the income statement and balance sheet for companies’ historical performance. It is a very versatile tool that provides you with all the necessary information to succeed in stock investments.

Yahoo Finances's summary of Apple's position, including trade data and past day stock price.

Yahoo Finance’s overview of Apple


TradingView’s Free Stock Charts, Stock Quotes and Trade Ideas is another great interactive chart that is easy to read. This chart also has one-minute intervals and that should be adequate for a day trader.

TradingView's stock charts for the past year for General Electric

TradingView’s one year stock chart for GE

Capital IQ

If you are looking for more detailed information and analysis, I recommend Capital IQ. It does require a subscription, but many investment managers and private equity funds utilize this tool. This platform has financial info for over 60,000 public companies and over 2 million private firms. Capital IQ gives its users the ability to gain broad market understanding through the use of its market snapshot, industry surveys, sub-industry reviews and general economic insights. All of these features combine to create a robust learning platform that empowers financial professionals to make sound decisions.


If you are looking for a real-time report of all economic events and their impact on the stock market, BetterTrader is a platform that utilizes machine learning to take real-time economic news (i.e change in fed funds rate) and predict the best course of action for users in the future according to historical data and past events. This platform keeps you up to date in the world of economics and finance and provides valuable insight into profitable choices.

BetterTrader's live stock charts showing the price of Brent Crude Oil along with other analysis tools

BetterTrader’s live stock chart for Brent Crude Oil


If you are looking for a platform to trade stocks for beginners, I recommend Robinhood. It does not charge stock trading interactions, so you can make an unlimited amount of trades (although not in one day). It just recently introduced options trading to its platform, so it’s a great way to be introduced to stock trading.

Hope this answers your question and provides you with additional useful information! -Jay

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