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Benefit from artificial intelligence as a professional trader. There’s no need to hire a team of analysts

Benefit from artificial intelligence as a professional trader | economic

A constant challenge for algorithmic trading systems is executing buy or sell decisions. Computer systems have come a long way in the past decade, but as of yet, they cannot rival the ability of an experienced human trader to execute trades at the right time. Execution is a day traders fortè. So how can you improve your analysis?

Use  artificial intelligence to make better decisions

Artificial intelligence (AI) for trading the market is not reserved for algorithmic systems. Professional day traders can see a drastic improvement in profit from the use of AI. How? Keep reading…

When macro-economic information is released such as non-farm payroll, your reaction to the information is dependant on a number of factors. You must be tuned in to the right information, ensuring your attention is optimally allocated. You rely on your own brain and your own memory of how that market has behaved in the past to determine the importance of the event you’re looking at and the market reaction.

This kind of analysis can currently only be done by the trader, at your trading station. When so many factors compete for your attention, the natural cerebral limits of the human brain make it impossible to compute and interpret data as well as a computer.

Get more accurate, actionable information

AI can power your day trading strategy. BetterTrader is an application to use at your terminal (web-based) and your mobile that will enhance your decision ability. More information, and more useful information is crucial to out perform your colleagues.

BetterTrader provides real time trading insights into macro events. It works intuitively and fits into your terminal with your other tools seamlessly.

Why we’re different

When an event is released, our algorithms interpret the data using historical analysis, compute which is the information you really need and display it very simply so that you can act instinctively. A green to red bar indicates the magnitude of positivity/negativity in relation to your position. A small information box beneath this gives you information in succinct terms so you can respond as you see fit. If that’s not enough, send us an email with what you need: We respond to 100% of emails, and take all suggestions seriously.


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