BetterTrader launches a mobile and computer application that interprets market data into accurate trading decisions in real time.

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BetterTrader launches a mobile and computer application to interpret market data into accurate trading decisions in real time.

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The application was developed in 2014 by a team of professionals, including successful traders, statistics and machine learning experts. BetterTrader is tailored to the needs of day traders with ongoing market testing.

A professional day trader’s foremost concern is timing. The decision to buy or sell a security must be made within minutes or even seconds. This decision is based on a multitude of macro environmental information, which the trader has to cognitively process, and swiftly decide: buy/sell. This puts day trading among the jobs with the highest stress levels in the world.

The main problems of a day trader are:

  • The high-pressure environment: decisions need to be made within seconds, and competition is high.
  • Information processing: as human beings we have cognitive limits to the amount of information we can process. This translates to a limit on our ability to determine the effect of a macro event on our portfolio, thus limiting profit.
  • Missed opportunities due to poorly divided attention: the multiple screen problem. A day trader sits at a terminal making trades by the minute. He has two eyes, and many more screens. His primary concern is missing an opportunity to profit.

What BetterTrader offers and how their offer will revolutionize professional and retail day trading:

BetterTrader is an application that analyses and interprets macro economic data (also called the economic calendar) of influential events to determine the gravity of macro events and to output statistically back-tested trade ideas the trader can act upon.

Features of BetterTrader:

Magnitude: Each release is rated on a scale from ‘a bit stronger’ to ‘extremely stronger’  0%-100% (negative / positive)

Insights: Get perspective. Eg: “This release is the most positive surprise in the last 3 years”.

BackTester: Understand the short term potential market reaction which is analyzed based on historical market data from similar situations.

Trading ideas: Based on statistics of the market’s previous reactions.

Benefits of BetterTrader:

Be prepared before economic events are released: By gathering and analyzing data with artificial intelligence unique to BetterTrader.

Real-time analysis: React faster after the release of macroeconomic information (eg: unemployment). BetterTrader analyses and delivers information to you in real-time, allowing a fast and calculated response.

Understand the potential short-term reaction of the market: To economic releases with unique artificial intelligence back-testing technology.

Never miss a release: BetterTrader will notify you before an event.

Trading ideas: Based on statistics of previous market reactions.
In this way, the trader’s main 3 pains are alleviated and profits are maximized.

We hope you find the articles on the site helpful. A good place to start reading, if you haven’t already is:

Written by: bettertrader

We believe that traders need an edge that can only be gained by statistical analysis.

The way we accomplish that is by running statistical models in real-time and helping you to make the right decisions in real-time.

The Essential Guide to Trading Economic Events

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If you would like to:

  • Understand recent or current economic or news events
  • Know how the market reacted in similar situations
  • Get control over your trading

This product might be for you.


  • BetterTrader App available on Apple store
  • BetterTrader App available on Google play store
  • BetterTrader App available on Web App

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