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What are the best Forex blogs?

Reading blogs can help both the new and seasoned trader find the information they need to stay informed and up-to-date. The following five blogs are easy to read, consumer-friendly, and useful for traders of all experience levels.

1.Daily FX

This blog gives you the ability to quickly get big news, currency information, and delve deeper into Forex data and analysis. It provides real-time currency performance information, current events, and strategist analysis articles that explain in detail the numbers you see on the screen.

2. Forex Factory

Forex Factory is a unique global forum where traders from all around the world share Forex information, tricks, news, and analysis. This blog is constantly active, meaning you are able to interact with traders at any given moment and receive their exclusive opinions and help that might not be available through mainstream sources.

3. Markets Now

Markets Now displays updated currency charts combined with daily updates that give you an in-depth analysis of a given currency’s performance that day. This feature gives you a comprehensive look into the historical performance of the currency, as well as background information and analysis on those numbers. This blog also posts weekly articles about important Forex events and trends.

4. Daily Price Action

This blog is particularly useful for new Forex traders. Daily Price Action provides beginner guides and explanations that are key for anyone who wants to build a strong foundation in this field. The forecasts, weekly trading articles, and explanations they offer are simultaneously in-depth and easy to understand.

5. Bloomberg

Bloomberg provides up-to-date currency performance data and detailed Forex and stock analysis. They offer interactive graphs and recent articles directly related to any currency you can select on their website. Bloomberg caters to those looking for in-depth data that one can rapidly consume.

Diving into Forex trading without understanding how certain currencies have behaved in the past and are speculated to behave in the future can seem like an impossible task. Staying updated with blogs such as these is an excellent way to teach you the basics of the Forex trading world. It provides you with the tools you need to understand what is happening in this market and how you can maximize your success in it.

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