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New App in the TradeStation Store: BetterTrader

New App in the TradeStation - Economic events Store: BetterTrader

Economic events are among the biggest challenges faced by day traders. Even with extensive preparation, these events can turn your carefully crafted strategy upside down and cause significant losses. BetterTrader takes the uncertainty of economic news releases and turns it into an advantage for you, providing statistically back-tested trade ideas based on statistics of previous market moves.

Using the app, traders are prepared before economic events are released by gathering and analyzing data with BetterTrader’s advanced, proprietary research tools. Real-time analysis allows users to react faster after the release of macroeconomic information (eg: unemployment data). BetterTrader analyzes and delivers information to you in real-time, allowing a fast and calculated response.

Using the BetterTrader app’s proprietary artificial intelligence back-testing technology makes it real easy to understand the potential short-term reaction of the market to economic releases . Not only will you receive in-depth analysis of the result, you will get simple, actionable advice on how certain assets will move, and with what certainty those predictions can be made (based on past performance).

Never miss a release: BetterTrader includes an extensive list of all significant events around the globe, and you can set up custom notifications to remind you before every event that you are interested in.

If you would like to:

This product will help you.

Try a free trial version for a closer look at exactly what BetterTrader offers:

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